Prayers & Poetry

Steelers Prayer

Steelers Prayer

Our Father, who is Art Rooney in Heaven,
football be thy game.

Thy kingdom come, 4 Super Bowls won, on
earth as it is at Heinz Field.

Give us this day our playoff victory, and forgive
us our penalties, As
we defeat those who play against us.

Lead us to a playoff victory, and deliver us to


The Incarnation

by Eileen DiFranco
of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

No phantom labor was hers.
The stainless white veil lay
in the straw while she
sweat and groaned
through naked pain.

No angel midwives attended his birth.
Heeding her cries,
Bracing her shaking legs,
the women first held
the Body of Christ in their hands.

No spirit babe was he;
his head, molded by the inner
contours of her body;
the hot dampness of his body,
slippery with birth water and her blood.

No magic surrounded this delivery; but
joy and wonderment as at all births..
Born of his mother's assent,
through her flesh torn and bleeding,
the Eternal Word came to dwell with us.

Advent Women

by Mary Ellen Robertson
Muskegon, Michigan

Women preparing,
wonder on the way,
willing spirits,

Gathering women
greeting each other,
giving and preaching life,
grasping wisdom here now.

Jesus bearing women,
journeying in each birth,
justly preparing the road,
jewels to witness creation.

Spirit led women
surprising new lights,
seen by many,
successfully moving on.

The Last Supper

Nora Kelly`s painting of the Last Supper

by Nora Kelly

Image courtesy of Avoca Publishers, used with permission.

The "Romero Prayer"

In the March 28, 2004 edition of the National Catholic Reporter, Bishop Thomas Gumbleton explained how he learned the source of the "Romero Prayer." Bishop Ken Untener, a few days before his death, sent a note to Tom and revealed that Ken had written the prayer for Cardinal Dearden, then Archbishop of Detroit, to read at a memorial mass for priests.

How this insightful prayer became associated with Oscar Romero seems uncertain. However, the words do reflect the immense compassion and pastoral care which Archbishop Romero and Bishop Ken Untener lived.


Land of mirth and mead

of Waterford Crystal and

Kilkenney Cats.

We laughed in you,

prayed and sang and

found our ancient

dwelling places.

Autumn Day

Autumn Day
by - a collaboration

Teach me,
Autumn Day,
In your tender whisperings,
How to hear
The voice of Spring.

St. Luke the Healer

Drawing of St. Luke the Healer
by Eileen Shepard Townsend