Rest in Peace Rev. Neil McCaulley

Rev. Neil McCaulley, a contributor to this website, member of the Association of Pittsburgh Priests, and a priest who supported ordination of women and married men passed away on June 28, 2014.

In these pages he addressed important issues that must be discussed, including the consultation in the selection of bishops and the need for married priests. He wrote: "There will be no new evangelization or “church alive” without a drastic increase in priests. The obvious answer that everyone speaks of is to ordain married men."

He also wrote hopefully: "Today, everyday, God does new things. Try to discover them. Look for the summer God (as John Shea says) i.e. where things bloom in your life. If we have joy in the Lord, confident of His commitment, concern, power and plan, it makes it easier to strive to build God’s Kingdom here on earth. We have hope and that is a true source of divine energy."

You can read his obituary in the Post-Gazette. He will be missed.