Will Benedict XVI be a 'converted pope'?

The following is an excerpt from an excellent commentary by Rose Marie Berger on Sojourner's web site. Read the full commentary here.

I have no doubt that Pope Benedict will uphold the consistent moral stance of Catholic social teaching to the world at large. He will continue to speak clearly about economic justice, a consistent ethic of life, and a strong opposition to war. He stated in his first homily a "determination to continue the commitment to implement the Second Vatican Council" - which will celebrate its 40th anniversary this year - and noted that the teachings are particularly relevant to the "new needs of the Church and the present globalized society."

What the church needs most is a pope who will apply the moral clarity and pastoral mercy of Catholic social teaching to the internal life of the Catholic Church. We do not need a reactionary leader, as Cardinal Ratzinger has proved himself to be, who misidentifies plurality of discourse as heresy, elevates gender apartheid to the level of sanctity, and who views accountability as an attack on authority.

Converting the new pope

My dear wife has added the pope's coversion to her daily prayers. It will be a great day for us all (and we regain our credibility) when we apply our own social teaching within the Church.