Who wrote (or said) this? #2

Occasionally we will print a quote here and invite you to guess who is the author. Keep your own score and your response. Visit us again and find the answer.

Our first quote was by Bono, of the band U2.

Our next quote:

"God's purpose, he believes, is not to ease our pain or to answer our prayers but to strip us of all expectation --- to reveal the hollowness of our existence so that we might sacrifice our lives for others, as Christ did. True faith ... takes us as low as we can go. ... conflict and sorrow were God's conduits to the real and the Gospels were just commentary.... You can burn this book, because these are just words about the Word. ...The true Word is in your heart. ... You know what a cult is? ... It's a place where someone tells you what to do in the name of God. If I ever tell anyone what to do around here, they should shoot me. … I couldn't be a believer outside this community. I know my own greed and my need to be right ... I own nothing, I have nothing and I make fifty-five dollars a week ... I'm sixty-six years old and I have no privacy and no retirement plan. I am a blithering idiot by my own definition ... The mystery is, this place satisfies every desire of my heart."