Stop Federal Budget Cuts, call your Senators and Representative

President Bush has submitted the federal budget. The Association of Pittsburgh Priests joined other concerned citizens (Pittsburgh Coalition for Human Needs) to express our support for federal and state funding for housing, hunger and other human needs.

Please call your senators and represenative to oppose the proposed budget and support funding for human needs.

The American Friends Service Committee provides a web page with simple instructions on how to call your Senator and a simple script you can use or adapt to ask them to protect children, older people and families by opposing cuts in nutrition, health care, education and other vital services (e.g. "My name is _?_ and I live at _?_ and I would like Senator _?_ to know that I oppose federal budget cuts to vital public services. A more fair way to cut the deficit is to repeal the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts. Thank-you and Goodbye.")

Senator Arlen Specter: 412-644-3400

Senator Rick Santorum: 412-562-0533

Rep. Mike Doyle: 412-261-5091

Rep. Tim Murphy: 412-344-5583

Rep. Melissa Hart: 412-492-0161

Rep. John Murtha: 814-535-2642